I just found a Narcolepsy PSA starring Kate Walsh from ABC’s “Private Practice.” You can find it here.  I’ve never seen it before, or anything else that mentions narcolepsy on TV… other than those comedies that make fun of the disorder.

I’ve been thinking of what Icould do for Narcolepsy Awareness Week, which is December 1-7.   I think I’ve got it – I’m going to conduct a “blog-a-thon” (for lack of a better word) and post every hour of every day in a different place on the Internet.  I will begin collecting “pledges” from others who will commit to a certain number of posts as well.  The more people we have doing this, the more people who will be introduced to narcolepsy.

Furthermore, I’m going to host a Narcolepsy PSA contest.  Anyone can make a PSA to raise awareness and understanding of Narcolepsy, and submit it for a panel of judges to review.  The winning video will be featured on national television and websites. (Yes, I have connections to make it happen)

Stay tuned for more details… This should be fun.